Easy Business Ideas To Start 2021


Online Business Is The Most Easiest And Significant Way To Make Money In recent years but online Business gained Popularity in this Covid-19 period and people start taking interest and selling their stuff online for earning.

Online Business may Not require any specific investment for setting up business. All you need to start your Business is An IDEA.

Without Having An IDEA and trying to achieve an unattainable goal may result in business failure.

You can only set attainable goals When you have Passion and know ” How To Do it “.

Keeping all these things in mind, we shortlist some IDEA by Which you can Set-up your online business in 2021.

1. Drop shipping/e-commerce business.


Drop Shipping business In one of the popular and top priorities online Business to earn huge amount amount of money with the minimal Investment. One who is unaware what is drop Shipping then here is a detailed brief.

“Drop shipping is a retail business model where sellers display products of suppliers in their store and when customers buy that product, the seller directly dispatches that product to the buyer.

In this Model Buyer pays to seller, and seller to Suppliers.

For setting Up this Business, you need A

e-commerce platform for shop, A supplier for product, Marketing and Advertising.

How to start

Do some research and file a profitable niche and high selling product for your store.

Find a supplier for your product.

A Store to list your product.

Run Ads on facebook and instagram.

Received order and submitted to Suppliers and then paid to Suppliers after getting payment.


Niche Website For Earning.

 One of the best ways to earn Passive income is by starting a niche Website.

 But the question here is why only niche websites then here are some reasons.

If you start a blogging website and start earning by monetizing on AdSense but it could take too much time to get rank on relevant keywords.

 It would be easier for you to rank your website without much competition, When you target only a specific niche.

In Niche Sites You can Earn By affiliate commission and advertising of that specific product.

Starting a niche website.

If you want to start a niche website then you have to choose A specific topic. You can choose Topic as per your interest, Get a wordpress setup and hosting and build your wordpress blog.

For example, if you like cats Then you start writing blog posts on cats, selling products of cats on your website by affiliate programs of Amazon and Aliexpress and these programs are absolutely free.

instagram Account FlippingI

This business also Categories in online business and a profitable one as well.

What is instagram flipping business?

You have to create or buy an instagram account, optimize it for a few months, increase followers and sell it.

In this business, you should have knowledge about automation, smart working and topics for your instagram Page.

You have to choose A Category you know better and start adding relevant posts for 15 days .

Automate your account to follow relevant people and gain 10k followers for your account and then you can sell your account.

Domain Flipping.

Just Like Account Flipping, this also a Small model of online business. In this Model, you just trade domain names. You can purchase Cheap Domain names and then sell it for high prices. You Have to Do some research and have knowledge about which type of domains are selling well.

You can visit different market places like GoDaddy and Namecheap where you can find unique domain names.

For this Business you have to update to the trends, and if you find something which goes viral anytime then should grab this opportunity.

Final Thoughts

If you want your 2021 will be a profitable year then these are Some Easiest business ideas to try out this year. You can earn a massive amount with a minimalist of investment.

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